About me

I'm Nikki...
I'm a wife & a mom & currently live in Richland, WA. The family & I spent the last 4 years in Nebraska, where the Mr. pastored. We are newly back "home", near family. Closer to cousins & grandparents & aunties & such.

Besides being a mommy (which is the hardest, best, most frustrating, & amazing thing I've ever done), I'm also a writer (I used to be an award-winning columnist for a small-town newspaper. Now I'm dedicating my thoughts to this blog.), & I own an online shop full of handmade whatnot's, called WhiMSy love.

I absolutely LOVE making stuff. And I can't seem to stick with one creative thing. My crafty life is all over the place! I like knitting, painting with watercolors, doodling, crafting with buttons, gluing things to other things, using vintage books in projects, & handling a power tool or two. And etc.

Other hobbies include photography (TTV + polaroid too, & I'm a CRAZY jumpy photo nut!), stop-motion animation, writing, thrifting, cooking, baking, & going on spontaneous adventures. I've also become quite addicted to the smartphone app, Vine. Fine me on Vine: Nikki Mans

This blog is bits of me as a mom + my kidlets + crafting +  the super random & silly.
The 37 Random Acts of  Kindness I did for my birthday has challenged me to be more conscious at making kindness a part of my everyday life.

My desire is to be a loving person, live a simple life, use my creativity to inspire others, get more tattoos & eventually be brave enough to dye my hair one of the colors of the rainbow. 

staying up late
watching movies
peanut butter
happy socks
the smell of coffee
the internet
Vine (find me: Nikki Mans)
pumpkin flavored everything

cold weather

Ok, enough about me...


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