Saturday, June 30, 2007

Let's Get This Paw-ty Started!

Get ready for puppy party overload, as promised. This is totally gonna be like one of those awful times that your friend or family members corners you with a giant photo album, & then you have to sit there through the whole thing & act like you are really interested...
The puppy party went by so fast! I got some decent pictures, but it is so hard trying to be hostess, mommy, photographer, janitor, emcee, & referee all at the same time!
The party guests arrived to some fantastic sidewalk chalk greetings. We have done this the past couple years at our girls' birthdays. It's a lot of fun!

Last night I had constructed a dog house out of a cardboard box. My 4 1/2 year old told me that it didn't look like a doghouse, because dogs only have one opening & I had made two. She's right. But I did it on purpose thinking the kids could chase each other through the dog house like puppies. Nice idea I had, but there ended up being no chasing. Do you like my shingled roof though? I really got into it & had so much fun. The neighborhood kids were inspecting & "ooohing" & "aaahing". I can see this becoming a hobby. A giant cardboard village may soon be in the works! The kids got to the party & colored & decorated the doggie house.

The 3 party guests & birthday girl had a small table to dine at--complete with their own doggie bowls to eat from! You can see the "pin the nose on the doggie" game in the background. We also played a "find the sock" game. (Kinda like easter egg hunting, only with socks!)

Even the water bottles I had out with the munchies were all embellished with little bone or paw print buttons glued to the top. I always do this at my parties. It's a fun way to bring in the theme & adds that little touch that people don't expect.
I had a happy, though shy, birthday girl. She didn't do well with the focus being ALL on her. This was the only chance I got to snap a pic with her puppy ears on. A couple of the kids complained that they were itchy. I tried to get a cute photo of all the girls wearing their ears, but that was impossible. The puppy tees were a BIG hit though! I had both my girls wear theirs for the party. They really turned out cute--& even cuter when sweet little girls are wearing them!
The kids all left the party with goody bags filled with a bouncy ball, a light up whistle, lots of puppy stickers, a tiny puppy dog toy, & a plastic puppy ring. The adults left with a pair of my famous (passed down from grandmother) sugar cookies that I seem to always make at parties, again in the theme of the festivies.
It was a fun party & I can't wait to do it again! Thanks for coming along on this puppy journey! Arf!

Click HERE to see the puppy birthday invitations.
Click HERE to see the handmade puppy t-shirts the kids got to take home after the party.


  1. You are AMAZING!!!! :) What a fantastic party you threw--with every possible perfect touch!!! Happy Birthday, Pazely!! Your mom is paws-itively awesome! :) Woof!

  2. Does Pazely totally look like you?? Sure seems like it!

  3. How Creative and so Fun.What a Wonderful Party. I love it. Nice to meet you. Great Site. Jamie

  4. Great Party. My girls said to tell you they never had a paw-ty like that and they are 25 and 26(poor them Beautiful job!!!

  5. OMG, can you come to New Jersey and plan my next party? All those little details were just perfect, and I loved the cardboard house. Could you be any craftier??

  6. Oh yeah! looks like it was a sucess! good job crafty mommy. I bet all the little ones are sleeping well the way I bet you'll sleep good too, I'm pooped just looking at the Seriously, everything turned out very cute!

  7. Aw, thanks guys! I forgot to mention that one of my favorite things at the party was some graham crackers I found shaped like dog bones! I'm actually not too pooped, but I am glad the hoopla has died down. I just want to sit down & MAKE STUFF! (That is how I find my peace & relaxation.)

  8. Oh Nikki what an amazing mom you are it looks like sooooo much fun, great job.

  9. I'm so excited about this post! I have been thinking I would do a doggie themed party for my daughter when she turns 2 this year, and I LOVE your ideas! I will probably copy the doghouse, bowls, ears, bone-shaped sugar cookes. Heck I'll probably copy all of it except the color scheme. (I'm thinking dalmations with purple collars or ribbons). But her birthday isn't until Oct., so don't look for posts on it too soon. Thanks for planning my party for me! :-)

  10. Fun party - thanks for sharing. Your party has been featured on my blog:)

  11. My eight month old baby boy just LOVES dogs, and I've decided to do a "Puppy Paw-ty" for his big first birthday. I've looked EVERYWHERE for crafty ideas and am most impressed with yours. I hope you don't mind that I will be stealing LOTS of them! Love your blog! :)


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