Friday, September 14, 2007


Well, in case you haven't tallied the votes yourself & seen......CONGRATULATIONS JEN @ JEN BOWLES DESIGN!!!!! YAY!!!
In second place there was a tie between Melisa @ Melissap's Shop & Jeanetta @ Splendid Designs!!! Congrats you two!!
Thanks to everyone who participated! What a hoot!
OK, now for the prizes! All 3 of you are going to receive a WhiMSy love fork easel! AND, I have printed out all the prize donations on slips of paper & have done the whole "pick from the hat" act. There were 5 artist donations & I have decided to draw 3 for the WINNER & 1 each for the gals that tied!
So, Jen---you have won a WhiMSy love vintage button ring, & prizes from Pampering Beki & Little Daisy Chains!!
Melissa P.---you have won a fabulous prize from Innocent Charms!!!
Jeanetta---you will be receiving a lovely prize from Bella Arte by Bella Jean!!
Please email me your addresses & I'll contact the artists so they can send your wonderful goodies!!!
OH yeah, I almost forgot! The randomly selected voter is...DANI!!!! (Bella Arte by Bella Jean) YAY! A fork easel will be sent to you as well!!!
All prize winners, please let me know if there was a problem receiving your prizes.

I'm off to finish tidying & decorating the house for Zoey's 5th birthday party! I'm totally bummed because I didn't do one handmade thing for her party this year. Is it weird that I feel awfully guilty for that? Well, I did make & frost sugar cookies with the girls for the party tonight. (After I sampled some dough, of course.)


  1. o i feel like sally fields.... you like me you really like me. i am so grinning like a big goof ball right now. thanks to everyone and i cant wait for my prizes.

  2. WOOT!!!

    I have been wanting a fork easel forever!!! Thanks so much Nikki!

  3. Oh, the cards turned out cute!
    I love your blog and check in when I can. You are so creative and inspiring.
    K :)

  4. Ooooh, I'm so excited! Nikki, thanks so much for hostessing this fun contest, I had a great time decorating your cards and am thrilled that other people enjoyed them too!

  5. Those turned out so cute! I'm so sorry I didn't get mine back to you in time. I forgot before I went to England. I'm just rubbish. Anyway, you got a lot of great ones back.

  6. Wow! You got some GREAT designs!

    Congrats to Jen. :)


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