Monday, March 10, 2008

Nifty Idea

I have been collecting these mini-sized cereal boxes for a while because, besides being used for other funky & fun things, I think they would make super cute packaging for a fun little giftie. And yesterday-wouldn't ya know it!-I saw that one of my most favorite crafty people EVERS had a pic of the exact same thing on flickr. HAHA! So, I thought this would be as good a time as any to show you this nifty idea.

It's pretty self-explanatory. Just eat the cereal first before you fill it with goodies to give. Or not.

I've put together a gift for my MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) swap partner this month. The theme of the swap was "My Favorite Color". And green is my partner's favorite color so she's gettin' green stuff. And it's all so random. I only wish I had time to make it more cohesive. The notebook, round paper lantern, garden gloves & hot pad were dollar items from Joanne's, Target & The Dollar Store. I embellished the hot pad with a pear cut out of fabric ( using my favorite iron-on fusible stuff) & I also made her a ribbon & vintage button bookmark.

The wrapping totally made up for any weirdness I was feeling about how random the items inside are. And it helped me get over the fact that the box used to house crunchy corn dogs in my freezer. This polka dot wrap was clearance Martha Stewart. I LOVE it! Some of the brown polka dots are even FUZZY! I can't stop petting the fuzzy dots. They're so cute! And the crazy bright greenish-yellow ribbon is actually just a torn strip of fabric. I can't wait to get my goodies tomorrow! Guess what color they'll be?

And speaking of green things....For lunch I munched on a peanut butter & sweet pickle sandwich. Dee-lish.

Tomorrow I'll have to fill you in on how the ladies at my MOPS group enjoyed the candle craft I've got set up for them to make. I'll try & take pics. But, I may be too busy leisurely flipping through magazines while getting a massage....or dipping my hand in scented paraffin wax to bother taking photos......I can't wait for all the pampering at Spa-Day!


  1. pickle and peanut butter? oh dear nikki!!!!! i know, that's not fair, each to their own eh? i hope u enjoyed it - it was green after all! can't wait to hear all about the spa day.

    come visit my blog - i'm about to surpass my first 1000 visitors and i'm working on an easter giveaway!!!

  2. Whadju say? Pickles and p.b.? That sounds bizarre enough that I may give it a try. Hmm...sweet or sour? Anyway, cool gift package. Hope you have lots of fun at your spa day.

  3. oh what a fantastic way to recycle little cereal boxes .. i wonder if big ones could be used for big gifts!!? I've been reading your blog for a while, it's very inspirational!

  4. i'm your favoritest flickr crafter? oh shucks! p'shaw! :)

    i love cramming all sorts of goodies into the boxes and calling it the gift o' kitsch! happy march! your pictures are so happy!

  5. I'd rag ya about the pickles and peanut butter, but I'm the dork who ate fried frog legs the other night when going out on a date with my hubs. I'd rather try the peanut butter and pickles next time. The frog legs are just plain weird!


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