Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Caramel Apple Cider

I am a fan of apple cider, but my friend Tia introduced me to caramel apple cider. (In fact, she came over this morning & made me one before we took an impromptu visit to a new thrift store in town.) Oh my. Yummo! Starbucks makes 'em & other coffee shops do too, but they're easy to make & you HAVE to try one. Perfect treat for Fall!

All you do is pour a packet of powdered spiced cider mix into your mug of boiling hot water & dump a heaping spoonful of caramel topping (used for ice cream) into it. Stir-- & add more caramel to taste if you'd like. Top with a dollop of whipped cream & enjoy.....It tastes JUST like a caramel apple.
And here's what I picked up on our thrifty trip....A really cool vintage lamp. It is totally missing the base & a lampshade, but I love her. And she works!!

I also found these itty-bitty things & thought they'd be perfect for my girls' Christmas stockings. I don't know if they're vintage or not. The box says "Made in Hong Kong" & they were 75cents each! You can't tell the scale of them by the picture, but all these sets would sit next to each other on a dollar bill. They're tiny & adorable & my 4 year old especially loves miniature things.

Well, I'm off to help out at the kid's "Fruit Harvest Party" at church. Each class is setting up games & prizes & candy in their rooms. I help teach the Kindergarten age girls & our room is doing tattoos & an apple bobbing game. My girls want to get all fairy-like & princess-y before we go. Should be fun! I'll have pics tomorrow!


  1. Starbucks does a Caramel Apple Cider every year around this time. It's yummy, but I'm really not feeling the $4.00 right now...

    Another great option for the caramel is the tubs of dipping caramel the grocery stores usually have out with the apples in the fall. It's a little more liquidy at room temp, so you don't have to preheat it and it blends very well. Drop a cinnamon stick in there and you are golden!

  2. ohhh I am so jealous over the lamp!

  3. Caramel apple cider is just the ticket! Yep, I just decided that's what college girlie is gonna get in her Halloween goodie bag--thanks for the great idea!

  4. Forget the girls! Send those little sets to me! (I guess I shouldn't try to steal toys from children, huh?)

  5. I had the same toys when I were I kid!!! ~Suddenly misses them..


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