Monday, November 10, 2008


Yeah, um, the owlies are almost gone!!! I'm so excited! (I made 18 of 'em.) And since they seem to be so popular I think I'll make up a bunch more & have them ready by Sunday for a scheduled update in the shop! (I've always wanted to do that: "schedule" an update.) Yeppers, there's only a few more left as of this posting. And you know what? I have been working my crafty hiney (a.k.a. "bottom") off & it feels good to see the results!!!
While I should be in the kitchen--cooking & cleaning & preparing to feed 15 mouths tonight for my Monday-Night-Feast, I'm not. Alright, alright, I'll go finish getting it together. On the menu: pot roast with carrots, fresh steamed green beans, the-most-awesome-cheesy-potato-dish-you've-ever-tasted (recipe later), rolls, & apple crisp. Mmmmm.....
And there's also laundry to fold....bathroom to clean....vacuuming.....dusting.......
Random post. I just wanted to share my excitement. WHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE!
I'm done now.


  1. Yay for owlies!! I'm seriously excited about mine. ;O) I'm naming her Obamlette. True story. She may be scarred for life, the little hootie owls may hoot and holler mean owlie names but she'll be the bestest owlie evers and evers.

    And I'm so ready for that cheesy potato recipe....

  2. hooty hoot they are cute!

  3. I love your owlies and can't wait until they are back in the shop! The are TOO cute!


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