Thursday, March 19, 2009


My "random" file is filling fast, so I thought it was time for another "random" post...
Do you see what my 6 year old's breakfast leftovers looked like this morning? I love it! Hard-boiled egg yolk eyeballs & a peanut butter toast crust smile.

Someone asked me a little while ago (sorry, can't remember who!) what the "MS" in "WhiMSy love" stands for. OK, are you ready for the answer? Here it is: absolutely nothing. I just thought I'd be so ever so "artsy" & "whimsical" & make some of the letters bigger & some smaller & so that's what came about. I COULD make up something clever though. Any ideas?

Today I'm wearing my green corduroy pants. Mr. WhiMSy love HATES them. When I wear them he sings "O Christmas Pants" to the tune of "O Christmas Tree". I don't care. I like them & they are comfy.

I keep getting a lot of hits on my blog from THIS WEBSITE. But I can't figure out why or where or who or huh?

I also had a few of you ask what I sent my partner for the latest Owlie Swap I participated in. Click HERE for Jessica's blog post about it.

Have you ever driven up to a STOP sign & waited for it to turn green? Or come home from running errands & stood right outside your front door trying to unlock it with the keyless remote button from your car? Yeah, me neither....

I went thrift shopping today! Look at all that yummy bright perfect-for-spring-&-summer yarn!!! I don't knit. Although, I've been thinking of learning to crochet. (2 needles scare me. 1, I think I can handle.) I am using this yarn for a project I've had in my head for a while. And the cool thing is that I went to the thrift store SPECIFICALLY for yarn, hoping to get colors exactly like these. SCORE!
I also picked up a couple treats for the 'Vintage' department in the shop. This 80's see-through Conairphone is totally rad. Seriously, I look at this phone & Madonna's "Lucky Star" echoes through my head. And I see visions of mall hair & my favorite oversized neon sweater.
And, of course, I couldn't leave the thrift shop without snatching a few old books.
I haven't tweeted in a while on Twitter, but the other day I noticed that someone 'following' me has me sandwiched right between Jimmy Fallon & Ashton Kutcher. haha!
Today is the last day of winter! YIPPEE!!
Ok, enough randomness for one day.


  1. Don't feel bad- I had a pair of the most comfortable pink capris that I snagged from Goodwill and the Hubs hated them. I finally got rid of them because he'd scowl when I wore them and people thought he was so mean looking! Haha.
    I also have never stood outside my front door and tried unlocking it with my keyless entry for my SUV. ;)
    LOVE your thrift shop finds! I also went thrifting yesterday and bought some cool treasures. A HUGE bag of buttons for only 2.99- I mean, come on!

  2. i always assumed the MS was for some type of feminist statement. it suits your personality, or what we blog followers see in your ambition, enthusiasm & zest for life.

  3. and we are several weeks into 'autumn' now - summer's over :(
    it was nice at the beach today tho!

  4. :D My friends get embarrassed by me for dressing "oddly". Especially when I wear legos in my hair. Or when I wear huge flowers in my hair. Or when a wear neon bows in my hair. Or crazy awesome knee high socks. I know they're just jealous of my awesome style. ;)


  5. I love that phone! If I could find one at a thrift store I'd snap it up too! So totally awesome -especially with big hair and huge neon sweaters ;)

  6. I always liked the yellow part best! Fun yarn colors! I can make a crochet chain! :0)

  7. Not a good picture for me to look at of your daughter's leftovers after what I found last night!

  8. You are like, the best thrifter ever! I never get that lucky at my local thrift stores. Those phones were the best, don't you miss old school technology?

    I love the randomness, keep it up!

  9. Oh I remember those phones! I loved them! I so want one now. Always good to have a cord phone in the house when the power goes out so you can call the power company to see what's going one. :-) And umm MS are my initials. No really. So you umm did it in my honor. :-) Its ok to lie to me and say that you did. :-D And love the yummy yarns. I can already feel the warmth from them. And don't fear two needles, they are your friend. ;-)

  10. dude...that is pretty rad stuff! the 80's rocked.:D can i just say that i wish you were my next door neighbor and friend? i think you would be the funnest neighbor ever!

  11. Hey - I have green cords, too and, get this: I'm wearing them right now!!!

    You made me appreciate my husband so much because he does NOT sing to me when I wear them!

    Great breakfast leftovers -- I would've taken a picture of that, too!


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