Monday, April 20, 2009

Week in Review: April 13-19

I spent more time outside than inside this week. It. Was. Fabulous.
I might just have to set up a temporary art studio outdoors.
I also enjoyed the 2nd full week of driving our minivan. It has been outfitted with a used transmission & radiator & seems to be running smoothly now. (I thank Jesus every day that my brother is a mechanic & my family owns an auto repair shop!) We said goodbye to the big blue truck. It was FUN to drive, but I curse the sticky seatbelts & the gas it liked to drink ALL too frequently.
I've really got to get down to the nitty gritty this week. I felt all too overwhelmed last week & so my big dry-erase board is working full-time at keeping me organized. I just like to play too much. I never thought that would be a fault. Geesh.
If you could see the mountain of laundry that awaits me....well, that HAS been waiting for me for the past week (or two? hee hee) ...& that I hide my eyes from as I walk by might just be in shock. Why does laundry even exist? If laundry...& spiders...just disappeared from the planet, I'd be so much happier. If chores in general just ceased to exist that would be good too. Man, if piles of junk were "in", I'd be SO hip...
*Click on the picture mosaic for a photo play-by-play.


  1. I feel the same way about laundry... Emptying the dishwasher used to be my number 1 dislike, but laundry is moving up the the top spot!
    Love your pics!

  2. What is a fork easel? Beautiful picture of them.

  3. Hi Annette!
    I make fork easels & sell 'em in my shop:
    You can use them to hold recipe cards while baking, prop up photos, or use them as place card holders at special events.

    And they're my best seller in the shop too!

  4. OMG. Me and sophia went to the mailbox this morning and got this cute punk box from you this morning. It was liked you opened my head and picked my brain to figure out all my favorite things, I love most from your shop.

    Thank you so very much, I love the owlie it's perfect, andthe recipe cards, oh my I could go on forever. Thank you for your kind Whimsical generosity!! I heart Whimsy Love.

  5. I love the song...Today is your Day?...who sings it and what is the real title? Love the blog...keep on with your crafty self!!

  6. I laughed at your musings about piles of junk being in and chores going away forever. I think the same every day!

  7. Oh, laundry... I think we're all right there with you on that one. I always have to mentally prepare myself to get ready to tackle the laundry and this only happens maybe every one or two weeks. Or when my puppy starts to scale the mountain and we get nervous about him being up too high-- that's also a good indication that it's laundry time.

    Good luck with your pile! It's so hard to do indoor chores when the weather is nice!


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