Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ladybug LOVE.

The girls & I recently headed outside & searched the big tree in our front yard for ladybug eggs, larva & pupa. Our tree was covered in them & it was quite fun to go on a ladybug scavenger hunt through the leaves & branches to find them all-- in all their stages of life.
My recent Kindergarten graduate had been learning all about ladybugs during her last trimester of school, so I was fairly educated on the subject.
The only thing I didn't get a picture of were the larva we collected.
THIS SITE has some great information about the stages of ladybugs & how to care for them.
This photo shows that the larva has attached itself to a leaf, & has begun the pupal stage. There's a lot going on in that protective outer shell. Soon, a ladybug will emerge!
For collecting our temporary ladybug pets I grabbed some canning jars & covered the top with pink tulle secured with a rubber band.
Check out THIS LINK to Familyfun.com for some ladybug fun.
Schoolyard Safari is a SUPER source for ladybug anatomy, facts, lore & more!


  1. What an awesome thing for you kids to see!

    I have some ladybug photos from my yard up on my life is like a pie blog if you want to peek. :0)

  2. You are mom of the year, you know that?

  3. Great ladybug fun! My girls and I love ladybugs too. This is kind of sad, but I used to be a biologist and I didn't know what a ladybug pupa looked like till I saw your pic! Must have missed that day in science class...


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