Friday, July 17, 2009

Paper Whistle Tutorial

I'm having the greatest time getting inspired & looking through my collection (& some borrowed from the library) of vintage kiddie crafty books. I need to keep my tank-of-summer-fun-ideas from gettin' too low or the girls will surely turn into monsters!

This paper whistle is a super duper quick project!
We traced the pattern from the book, but then I ended up creating my own pattern--a little larger, which worked MUCH better.

And, after much searching & frustrated tinkering around the internet, I kinda figured out how to create a little link for you to view my template, so you can print out your own paper whistle! I don't have the process of linking & PDF's & patterns & templates perfected, but it's better than nothing:

{And I'd so graciously like to thank Liz of Made in Lowell for steering me in the proper direction & some more sweet shout outs to Lydia @ Understand Blue, Jennifer @ Hope Studios & Irene @ Library Nation for trying to help this computer dummy.}
After you print out your template, you cut it out & fold along the dotted lines.
Although the whistle looks super cute made out of this lovely polka dotty paper, we found out that the cardstock was just too thick. Computer paper or copy paper works best. Even notebook paper would do well.
Cut out the notch at the bottom.
Spiff it up with some creative bits & you're good to go!

Place between your fingers & blow. {Refer to top photo for proper finger placement.}My girls & I also found it works if you hold the paper vertically to your mouth as well. The sound is more like a squeak or honk than a whistle, but it's fun all the same! It reminds me of the little trick I did as a kid of holding the blade of grass between my thumbs while blowing.


  1. I'm sure your girls are having the best summer with their creative, fun mom. Thanks for the template. I'm gonna print it out right now, and give it a try for these mini monsters. :D

  2. Hey--- I know how to make these! We used to do these ALL the time in school instead of you work! :) Don't forget Nikki- blog candy at my blog! :)

  3. I will have to give this whistle a try. Thanks for the google pdf hosting link too, I have been wanting somewhere to put pdf's so that others can get to them.

  4. Ok I was drawn in by the book. My mom has that same book along with the collection it came from. I loved looking through it as a child. Actually I have been looking through that book for some tips in some crafty stuff I am making. Just so cute to see you using it with your girls, and shocking to see anyone else has a copy of it. :-)

  5. Shaye's passing out copies as I type- thanks for the link- so easy to click and print... the rest is up to the girls to figure out. :)

  6. My lot will love this! Dad taught me the blade of grass trick when I was a kid too, but the kids I have around are too young to get the grass placement just right without getting cross (I remember the grass used to snap often too), so this paper version will be tip top! Thank you!

  7. Ha! Love that first picture! I'll have to try this with my guys. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What book is that from? Thanks, Rachel

  9. You don't rely need to print out the template, you just need to fold the paper I half and cut a small triangle in the middle then fold each side outward.

  10. Oh my gosh, I remember making these after finding the instructions in (I think) an old children's book called The Secret Hide-Out by John Peterson -- thanks for the trip down memory lane! I never was able to master the grass-blade whistle, so this is as close as I got! :)


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