Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Break Diary: Day 74

Yesterday's project came about in a very interesting way.
Zoey woke me up in the morning scared of a bird that kept flying toward the window & hitting it. I could hear the noise from my bedroom, so I went to investigate.
I went out on the porch & just sat & watched. I could see a dove flying to a nearby tree. And there in the tree was ANOTHER dove, sitting in a cozy nook. She was the mommy, I assumed. So, the daddy--the crazy one--brought a twig to the mommy & she tucked it under her belly. They were building a nest!
And I figured that the daddy wasn't crazy at all--- just overprotective--- & it thought we humans were too close to his home. He was trying to scare us away.
I have NEVER seen birds build a nest right before my eyes like that.
So, I thought the girls & I would get crafty & make something that I have wanted to make for a while: a bird nest helper!
I searched around the internet for a design I liked, but a lot of them weren't kid friendly or required steps that little fingers couldn't be involved in. So, I made up my own. It's sooooooo easy & I love how they turned out!!!
I'm trying to refrain from using too many exclamation marks. But, it's hard. I LOVE this project!!!!!
For supplies, you'll need:
*Wire (22 gauge green floral wire. You can find this at craft stores. But any 22 gauge wire from a lumber store will work too.)
*All sorts of bits of yarn, string, fabric, thread, hair, cotton (think soft--nothing plastic or metal or sharp)

Cut about 9-12 feet of wire with the pliers. Twist the two ends together. Use the pliers to help flatten the sharp ends & really twist it good, so little hands don't get poked.

Now, starting gently twisting the wire & scrunching it into a ball-ish shape. Don't crunch it up into a tight ball. Loosely.

When you're done, it'll look something like this. You don't want the holes too tight. If they are, the bird won't be able to get its beak in there to pull out some softy fluffy nest-building goodies.

Now, make a small opening & start pushing the wires to the edge of the orb.

It'll look kinda like this. In a way, it resembles a nest shape.

Now the stuffing begins! Don't cram it too tight.
And even at this point, I felt our orbs were too small, too tight. So, we got our fingers in there---even when it was full of yarn & stuff---& we opened it up wider. The wire is fantastic to work with!
Close the opening & loop a small piece of wire for hanging.

I even created an orb shape with pipe cleaners that the girls filled with nest building materials.

And I took some heavy wire & made a jalopy bird cage shape.

I also tried the bird cage shape with the pipe cleaners.

They look so pretty hanging in the tree.
The girls & I have continued watching the dove bring twigs up to build a nest. We are anxious for him to pimp his nest with our crafty duds.

The cool thing is that you can keep refilling your nest helpers as they get used.


  1. My boys are gonna LOVE this! As one of our weekly themes for homeschool, we will be talking about nests. My 4y.o. is anxious to get started on that one already! Thanks for the great idea...bookmarking it...now!

  2. that is totally wonderful! what a great idea- and kid friendly too. love that.

  3. What a neat idea!! I'd never even heard of such a thing!! Very cool!!!!!!!!

  4. saw you on the crafty crow today - congrats! we created similar nesting orbs last spring. check out ours here on our blog. we watched a couple birds hatch in a nicely pimped nest in our backyard just yesterday! happy spring!

  5. You probably don't wan to use cotton. We had a hamster that had babies and we gave her cotton to make a nest. One of the babies got his leg caught in it and because it cu off the circulation, he lost his leg. I'm assuming the same thing can happen to birds. And although our 3 legged hamster won lots of animal shows, a wild bird probably needs both its legs.

  6. Yay! We just made these in sewing club and I posted about them on the Sewing School blog. http://sewingschool.blogspot.com/ Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Woohoo! Now I need to get out my scraps & make some more! ;)


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