Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bite-Sized Valentines

This year the girls & I made little marshmallow treats to give to their classmates.
(All my supplies were purchased at Walmart.)
Simply melt chocolate wafers (you can get white, milk or dark chocoloate. You can color the white too! Regular chocolate chips work too.), & then dip half of your strawberry flavored heart-shaped marshmallows into the ooey gooey melty mixture. Let it drip off a bit, or you'll have a runny mess later.

Then dab the tip into a bowl full of sprinkles.

I took a carboard box & poked holes all over before we started. Poke the mallow pops into the holes to dry. They dry pretty quickly.
And that's it! When they were dry, I slid them into little favor bags, attached a tag & tied it with red yarn.

When it comes to my 6 year old, I always have a willing taste tester.

Happy Valentine treat makin'!


  1. Chocolate dipped marshmallows with sprinkles on a stick are one of my favorite go-to class treats. So easy and the kids love 'em. The heart shaped marshmallows are adorable!

  2. Adorable! We did this last week and stacked two hearts. We have kept them in the fridge so they are PERFECT for swirling in hot cocoa!

  3. totally adorable! love the photos!

  4. Fun, simple and adorable. Just what I like!!
    Great job.

  5. You have a willing taste tester over here, too! Those look so yummy and so cute.

  6. Cool blog! Chocolate? What's not to like? :)

  7. Love it!
    Wanna make some myself now :)
    May go out to the supermarkt tomorrow to see if I can make something similar!

    Thanks for the inspirational idea!

  8. I like this. By not spending too much money, one can already have fun just by eating those.


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