Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Diary Day 34: Mini Campfire & Accessories

Dear summer diary,
Today I asked Zoey what she wanted to do for our "fun thing". How about making something for my American Girl doll?", she asked. Perfect! At Christmas she received an American Girl doll craft book & it is full of so many adorable crafts! Not only perfect for American Girl dolls, but for any kid who loves playing with tiny things!!
We chose to make the mini campfire & marshmallow on a stick. To make the marshmallow on a stick, you simply gather some twigs, &  pieces of packing styrafoam. Cut a piece of foam to a marshmallow shape, glue it to the tip of a stick---& yer done!!

For the campfire, we went our own route. The book used cinnamon sticks & tissue paper. We chose to use actual twigs (more realistic, dontcha think?) & felt for our firey flames. You can see how Zoey created her logs in a triangle shape underneath her hand in the next picture...
(We hot glue everything together.)

Then we decided to make some s'mores on our own! I just cut little 1 inch squares of tan felt for the graham crackers, two skinny dark brown pieces for the chocolate, & a cream-colored wobbly circle shape for the melty marshmallow. I used a dark brown Sharpie to add dots to the crackers.
(Again, we used a dot of hot glue in the center of each s'more shape to hold it all together.)

Here's Zoey's campfire set up in the living room:

Zoey also followed the directions in the book & made a fishing pole with a dowel, string & a fish shape cut out of paper. (She wound the string up for the picture, but it does hang down.)
We love making tiny things!!



  1. So cute!!! Which American Girls book was it from? I've been trying to find a book of doll type crafts like this but so far I just keep running across making minitures- way too much measuring and precision for me! LOL I'd like more kid friendly doll crafts like this one.

  2. Hi Mychele! The book is called "Doll Play". Here is a link to amazon, but you can also get it at Michael's:

  3. Thanks, Nikki!!! My daughter will LOVE this!!!

  4. I love this idea! I'll have to remember it for later.


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