Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coffee Cuffs & Chocolate Spoons

For Crafty Night: January we made these SUPER easy coffee cuffs. And, because they were so easy, we had time leftover to whip up some chocolate covered spoons. I thought I'd share...

 I found the tutorial to make felt coffee cozies over at The Purl Bee. She has a template you can download. And, oh my goodness, she uses such beautiful wool felt!

 After I cut & sewed my cuffs (which took mere minutes), I wanted to dress them up a bit. I pulled out all my felt scraps & buttons & got busy embellishing! I was inspired by THIS ornament kit I purchased during Christmas, so I cut out similar shapes.

 I simply stacked the shapes on top of each other, found a pretty button & sewed the button through the shapes, onto the cuff. On one cuff I even pinned one of my vintage fabric buttons made with my button machine.

 I didn't have any of those to-go cups with the plastic lids available, so I grabbed some styrofoam cups to model my adorable cuffs. The tutorial for the cuffs are for 16 ounce cups.

 Now, onto the spoon treats! (These chocolate dipped spoons can be stirred into coffee, hot chocolate, mocha or any other hot tasty drink.)

I grabbed a bunch of vintage spoons from my stash. I scrubbed & washed them, but left them still looking faded & dark with their vintage patina. You could polish yours up if you wanted. You could also use new spoons, or plastic/wooden spoons.

I melted chocolate bark in a bowl in the microwave. My favorite chocolate to use are those discs of chocolate from Wilton. But, my local store was out. Once dipped, the chocolate spoons were laid to rest (haha! That sounds funny!) on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper. I found it best to prop the spoon handles on the sides of the cookie sheet. Let them set up a bit & then dip again if you want.

Once they set up completely (more or less) I drizzled them with white chocolate. (Again, melted in the microwave in a small mug.)

 I let them dry on the counter, but you can also stick them in the freezer for a more speedy process. I wrapped them in cellophane bags & tied them off with vintage rik-rak.
I'm planning on purchasing gift cards at my local coffee shop, & packaging the spoon with the gift card inside an empty to-go cup, which will be wearing its new coffee cuff of course. The girl's will give these to their teachers for Valentines Day!


  1. I really like the coffee cuffs & dipped spoons. I think I'll borrow your idea for teachers Valentines Day gifts. Thanks, Nikki! (PS...I like your new blog's different but oh-so cute!)

  2. Love these cup cozies! I am a crocheter/knitter so I'm going to follow your color and pattern and whip some up!



  4. Love the idea of using vintage spoons for this!! :)


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