Monday, September 29, 2008

Wacky Feet Tutorial

The girls & I had some fun today with some wacky feet. We learned how to make them from a book we recently borrowed from the library. I changed the directions a little to suit what worked for us.
The supplies you'll need are: corrugated cardboard boxes, paints, marker, scissors & not pictured: razor blade & hot glue gun.

The book showed four examples of wacky feet: frog, pig, clown & duck. Choose which feet you'd like to make & trace the shape on the cardboard.

Cut out one foot & then trace it onto another piece of cardboard so you have the same shaped feet.

Paint your feet in appropriate colors.

Also, paint some strips of cardboard. The strips should be about 2" thick & long enough to wrap around your feet/shoes & under the cardboard wacky feet. You'll see what I mean later on in the tutorial.

Let all the pieces dry really well.

When your wacky feet are dry, step onto the cardboard shape & make two marks on each side of your foot.

Cut along these marks with a razor blade...
...& slide the cardboard piece through.

This is what your wacky feet will look like on the top & the bottom.

Step back into your wacky feet & make sure the cardboard strip is snug around your feet. Decide whether you'll be using shoes or bare feet in them. Once you glue the strips on the back, you won't be able to change the size.

That's it! Have fun walking around in your wacky feet! I'll quote the book: "These zany feet are funny to look at, but tricky to walk in. Be extra careful when trying them out! The trick to walking is to lift your knees high & keep your feet at a good distance from each other."


  1. we just cleaned out the garage this weekend and there were a bunch of boxes to get rid of. We are going to have to give this a go!!

  2. Having a sudden craving for a McDonald's cheese burger, why is that??? ;O)

    Very fun!

  3. wow! Thats going to try it with my son

  4. Blogged it! Awesome!


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