Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Schmednesday.

I'm so giddy that a few of my items are featured in the Etsy Gift Guides this year. I remember looking at the gift guides last year hoping one of my items would turn up, but they never did. Among 'Gifts for Her', Gifts for Him' ,etc, the Gift Guides also feature a 'Hot List', which covers a multitude of current trends including "Nostalgic Whimsy". That's where this little vintage velvet hoop decor fella resides. I'm quite fond of that nostalgic whimsy look & I'd take one of everything in that list!

Last night I went to a Christmas party with some gal friends. We did the whole gift exchange stealing game. I didn't know what to bring, so I just gathered a bunch of WhiMSy love stuff together & thought, "Oh, this is so lame. It's gonna look like I'm totally trying to promote myself." I grabbed a vintage apron featuring one of my cupcake embellishments, a fork easel, a set of recipe cards, a brown owlie ornament, 2 wee pie magnets & a vintage button ring. And guess what? It was the gift that was stolen first & even got stolen so much that it froze! (If you have never played this particular "stealing" gift exchange game, then my lingo may confuse you.) What was I so self conscious for? YAY for handmade!

And I am breathing the BIIIIIIIGEST sigh of relief because my first parcel that ever went M.I.A. has been delivered to my customer! Yep, 3 weeks & 1 day later two pieces of book art have found their way into the arms of my very happy customer in Brazil. YAY!

Later today I'll post more details about the upcoming Midnight Sale & the super easy, super fun tutorial I mentioned yesterday!


  1. And I SO wanted that gift of yours...I played the game ALL wrong! Darn... That apron (and ring) would have looked so nice on me...haha...especially the way I was putting it on. You're awesome!

  2. Do you know how to see if you are in the gift guides?

    Do a Google search on:
    yourshopname site:

    so, if I look up mine I google:
    bornlippy site:

    Just FYI for ya!diciali


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