Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Party Time!

I had another fabulous morning at MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) & it was our Christmas meeting. Last year I taught the ladies to play this really fun gift exchange game & we did it again this year. I MUST tell you about it so you can play it at your next holiday giftie par-tay. Someone recently told me that Family Fun magazine had a blurp about it this month too. Well, this is my version:
Everyone brings a gift. Set it to whatever monetary limit you'd like. Sit in a circle & put the gifts in the center. Draw #'s to see who gets to pick a present first, second, third, etc. We played today with 22 ladies, but I've played it in the past with almost 30 people. I think this game might work best with larger groups. Anyway, pick a gift according to your number order. The person must open the present, throw ALL the wrappings & trim behind them--out of the way, & set the gift in front of them. Once all the gifts are open, the real fun begins. (And if you're leading this gift exchange game in your group, it's more fun to not reveal the details.) Pull out a bowl with 2 dice. Pass it around & roll the dice. If you roll doubles, you HAVE to pick up your gift & exchange it with someone else. The bowl keeps going around & presents keep getting swapped at doubles. After a few minutes, pull out a second bowl of dice. Play the game for about 15-20 minutes, pulling out bowls of dice at different intervals. Eventually you'll have FIVE bowls of dice going around the circle. To make it even more zany, pass a couple of the bowls in the opposite direction! Give heads up at the 2 minute mark & watch the people FREAK OUT! Keep giving "countdown" marks at 60 seconds, 30 seconds, & then count down from 10...9...8...7...etc. Whatever gift you have at the end of the time limit is the one you're stuck with---like it or not!! This is a super crazy gift exchange game & so I recommend no small children enter the presence of the giftie circle, or they may be trampled.

Here's the giftie I ended up with. It's actually the present I bought! I wanted them so bad--& ended up swapping my original gift with someone else to get them. hee hee! They're from American Eagle & they're on clearance if you want some. (They also had pink & white striped ones.)

We also had a belgian waffle bar, complete with yummy toppings.

My blueberry & whip cream waffle was da bomb!

I got to take a crafty break this month at MOPS. But, I thought I'd show you the really cute favor we all got. I've seen these around but have never actually received one before. They'd make adorable gifts for co-workers, teachers, neighbors, etc. It's "Snowman Soup", which is, essentially, hot chocolate.

The festive holiday bag was filled with 2 packets of hot cocoa, a candy cane Hershey kiss, a handful of mini marshmallows & 2 peppermint chocolates.
Tie it off with the little poem printed on the card, & you're good to go! I believe one of our hospitality gals, Sarah, made these. She's so crafty!
UPDATE: I totally forgot to include the candy cane--which is the "stirring stick" that the poem refers to!

My 4 year old brought this home from school today & I HAD to share it. It's the cutest little owl I've ever seen.
I'm VERY excited at the progress of the shipping station I mentioned I really needed. Here is the 'before' picture. A massive bookshelf with Mr. WhiMSy love's books & junk.
This is the "during" shot. I got out my drill, my anchors & screws last night & went to town makin' swiss cheese of that wall. My vision is coming true! All those little "odds-n-ends" cubbies, hooks & shelves I already had! Now, to fill them up with all things mail-y & postal-y. I can't wait!!
I've got another Christmas party to go to tonight & I think I'll bundle up a bunch of WhiMSy love goodies. And this weekend is Mr. & Mrs. WhiMSy love time! We get a night away! It's only to go Mr. WhiMSy love's holiday work party in Walla Walla, but still. Last year we scored big at the party's gift exchange---$15o bucks & a toilet plunger! Seriously, it's the nicest plunger I've ever seen.
Well, I must be off to finish up a custom owlie ornament. But, before I do, I'll let you know that there's a tutorial in the works for tomorrow! A really, really quick craft to make for a book lover or reader!


  1. I love how even your most functional things always look pretty. Like your dispplay and cash "box" for the fair and now your mailing station- your life truly reflects your love of whimsy. :)

  2. Crazy stoked about 3 things, well, 4..


    2) Well maybe except that fuzzy one - shazam!!!!!!!!!! How come I never made anything that cute in school!?

    3) Dang - those slippers look awesome

    4) I'm a reader = can't wait to see!!

  3. I'm so happy that your etsy shop is going so well that you NEED a shipping station!

    Wonderful post!

    Sylvia C.


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