Monday, June 29, 2009

Week in Review

The fam & I like to go every year to our local Cool Desert Nights car cruise. This year I packed a picnic dinner & we set out early (2 hours early), picked a great spot, spread our blankets on the sidewalk & ate our yummy meal while busy traffic sped by. We were 2 hours early so we could get a nice spot under shady trees. It's always kinda funny to sit out by the road & eat dinner. An old truck pulling the cutest little chubby stubby camper drove by in this parade-of-sorts & I decided I need one when I grow up. {haha!} I'm seriously gonna start throwing my pennies in a jar to save up for something like that. Now I just need to convince Mr. WhiMSy love that road trips are fun & camping is not evil.

I'm working on getting together a "Littlest Pet Shop PARTY!" post. The party was a dream-come true to my little one. Although it went different than I expected, it was fun to plan. PHEW! What a crash I had when the party was over!

And of course what is summer without more bbq's, jet-skiing, water play, family get-togethers, & outdoor fun? My 17 year old nephew is also in town, visiting from New Orleans. I have officially inducted him into my Jumpy Hall of Fame. And he's showing me all the latest dance moves the teenagers are doing these days. The Stanky Leg?? (I'd show a video, but the song has naughty words. I don't do naughty words.)

We had such a busy fun week! But I'm afraid these jam-packed days full of jolly good fun often include cranky wee ones who've overdosed on all the giddy goodness!
*Click on the picture mosaic for a photo play-by-play.


  1. Love that old pickup and camper! Looks like a fun week! Can't wait to see the party pics!

  2. I just love your week in review posts - and this one just epitomizes summer! So fun!

  3. Love all the fun colors in the picture mosaic!

  4. ah yes...the stanky leg. the joys of high school. just saying that title makes the song jump into my head (a casualty of chaperoning too many dances!).

    sounds like you have a great summer planned!

  5. oh darlin' looks like yur days are jammned pack of Summer goodnes.. 'stanky legs' that's a new one..I'll have to ask #1 about that..
    big hugs..

  6. Totally went to Cool Desert nights, loved the camper truck duo myself! Was not a fan of the large truck with the trucker horn though...OWWWWEEEE!!!

  7. What fun. My girls crashed hard and early tonight in front of their new fan. Humid weather and overtired girls hasn't been a good mix. :)

  8. "different than I expected" how? good or bad? what a teaser... you should write cliffhangers. :)


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