Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Break: Day 7

The completion of a project is always VERY exciting. Today the girls & I applied Mod Podge to our painted clay pieces. Once that was dry, we decided what sorts of fantastic things we wanted to make our creations into.
We made bright colored cookies... (pictured at top).

...& pendants to hang from ribbon. We did pre-hole a few items with a toothpick before baking. I had to use the drill to widen some of the holes once the pieces were baked. And that went so smoothly that I tried to drill a hole through something that was hole-less. It worked! So, don't sweat it if you didn't pre-"drill".

The round circle pendant & green square pendant were made by painting acrylic paint onto the piece & then, once that's dry, using a black sharpie marker to draw a design. Seal with Mod Podge when done.

We also made magnets:

Here we are, modeling some of our creations:
I embellished Zoey's clay necklace with a flat-backed sparkly pink gem.

My owlie necklace was painted a brown/rust color. Once dry, I brushed it with a light blue, which made the details "pop"!

Pazely is wearing an owlie pin. The pin, magnets & sparkly pink gem were applied using E6000.

Tomorrow I work, so it'll be different to be away from the girls. (It's only once a week though.) Our fun will just be reserved until later in the evening.

And it's confirmed that we are taking a mini-mini-mini vacation (just 3 days/2 nights) next Tuesday-Thursday. Yay! We're only heading 1 1/2 - 2 hours out of town. Possibly Cheyenne? We need some family time & I can't wait!


  1. These are fabulous! My seven year olds are BOTH drooling over these babies! Guess I know what we're doing today!

  2. How this project brought back memories. When my daughter was little we used to make that same dough and had a blast creating. I always ended up sweeping up more cornstarch that was actually used for the'd that happen? LOL

    Anyway, what fun and they turned out just too adorable....great little gifts.


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