Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pencil Sweaters!!

A freind of mine JUST opened up an Etsy shop. Like, JUST yesterday. I saw some adorable Pencil Sweaters she had knitted & asked her to send me some ASAP!!! They are like leg warmers. Only tinier. And for your pencil. Don't you just want some? I love them. Like, seriously LOVE them.
Well, hop on over to Tiffany's shop She's In The House & grab yours quick!
They fit nice-n-snug over a pencil, they're totally unique & BONUS: the sale of these pencil sweaters helps Tiffany's daughter to raise money for a school trip to Washington D.C. next year.
A set of 3 for $13 is a dealio!!
( will also be stocking other fun knit items & PDF's soon!!)

Stocking stuffers anyone??

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  1. i love them! totally cute... lucky pencils.

  2. so cute! I dont use pencils but that'd be great for my niece!

  3. love it. now i just gotta remember where i am seeing all these cute things so I can buy them when I am ready.

  4. I just found you via pinterest - gotta love pinterest for finding hidden treasures. I LOVE these! They are seriously adorable. Thank you so much for sharing them.


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