Friday, June 13, 2008

Rainy Day Bingo

Here's a 'Summer Fun Idea' I got from my friend Tia. It's called Rainy Day Bingo. It happened to rain the other day & while my girls & I occupied our time indoors playing "glamour girl" with all sorts of wild colored makeup......we COULD'VE been been playing Rainy Day Bingo, if we'd only KNOWN about it!

All you do is draw out a grid of 9 squares for each of your kids. (I got all fancy & printed some on my computer.) Then, your wee ones fill in all the squares with "things-to-do", kinda like my sample below.... When your kidlets complete each task, they cross it off their list. They must complete everything on the list & then you can give them a prize if you want. Isn't this awesome? It helps pass the time & keep boredom away. You could even sneak in a couple chores on the chart & make cleaning fun!

**Search for "summer fun ideas" to locate all the projects & ideas I'll be posting!


  1. what a fun idea! creative too! enjoy your bingo

  2. Fun idea! My six year old son (the caboose, the rest are teenagers) has said, "Mom I'm bored" about 100 times since school got out!

  3. CAN I JUST say...I LOVE YOU!

    Just found your blog and am loving every idea. We'll be doing many of them with my 4, 2, and 1 year old during the month of January.

    Thanks so much!


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