Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Fabulous Saturday!

I'm getting back into my little "Nikki time" routine on Saturdays & I must say....I LOVE Saturdays. Today I had a fun one indeed. To start off the day my sweet mom & I went to 'Antiques in the Park', which is a fun outdoor venue with a couple dozen vendors selling their sweet vintage treasures--& sometimes cheesy collectibles. I've gone for the past few years & I always bring my 20 bucks & find a bunch of cool little items. I picked up these 3 lonely children's teacups...& these WONDERFUL vintage buttons! I can't wait to make them into button rings--& other lovely handmade surprises!
I bought these vintage flash cards for 25cents each. I'm not sure what I'll do with them---probably display them somewhere.

I also picked up this vintage children's book for a bargain because it's missing its front & back cover & a few other pages. It'll be great for making into notecards!

Then my mom & I stopped by one of my favorite coffee spots. I sipped on a peach italian soda. Yum. It was hot outside. Very hot.
We also hopped over to "Art in the Park" which is a HUGE collection of vendors from all over the state (& surrounding states) selling their stuff by the river. This weekend is a busy one in our city as it's the weekend of the Hydroplane Boat Races that come ever year. I got to meet an Etsy gal--my first encounter with another Etsian! She & I are also on the Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team (EWAET) & we're anxious to get together with other local Etsiers to have lunch, craft & get silly.

Sally sells skirts & aprons on her Etsy shop, but at the "Art in the Park" she was selling her other line of products--windows that she has turned into tables, shadowboxes, message boards, chalkboards, etc.

I guess I didn't have my thrifting appetite filled, so I ran over to Goodwill & found this AWESOME vintage globe lamp! A steal at $3.50. It is so cool. I have always thought it would be cool to have one. And now my dream has come true. Mr. WhiMSy love rolls his eyes when he sees me comin' home with my bags full of "crap" (as he calls it).
And now I'll show you my weirdest purchase of the day. It's a hamster wheel. I was drawn to that vintage blue color. Strange, I know. I don't have any pets either. But my girls are having a blast playing with it. I'll think of something unique to do with it.

After a day of shopping I came home & made those "cup" cakes that I mentioned on the previous post from Laura's blog. I must admit that my first attempt was a disaster--I forgot to add the sugar. My 2nd attempt wasn't any better--I added the sugar this time, but cooked it too long & it became a "cup" brick. I will try again tomorrow.

Hope you're having a good weekend!


  1. Hey there, I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of months now. I really enjoy how fun you are! I am a MOPS co-coordinator for the upcoming year (former Creative Activities Director) and have seen somewhere on the forums lately about someone who has made hampster wheels into some type of ride (feris wheel maybe?)to fit the theme for the upcoming MOPS year! Just a little idea for your cute blue wheel!

  2. I love those children's teacups you found! So cute! Sorry you are having problems with the "cup" cakes! Keep trying-they are worth it. Be sure to mix the egg in well, otherwise you get chunks of cooked egg through the mixture-YUCK!


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