Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Stuff

My latest foodie addiction is this. Yogurt with granola. And it HAS to be in a fancy goblet. I eat it morning, noon & night.

I was taking breakfast photos this morning & thought my youngest had an interesting combo. Chocolate milk with ice cream. Yum!! "For breakfast?!", you say. Yes. Doctor's orders. She is recovering from having her tonsils & adnoids removed. It's gonna be a fight to ween her off of that food routine when this is all over.

I had to show you what I found in my 5 year old's bedroom. I think I've said this before, but I LOVE finding my kid's toys in random position mid-play. It just makes me smile sometimes to see their silly or creative thought process.
I can totally hear Pocahontas jammin' on the keyboard. Rock on girl!

I must tell you what I'm doing this weekend. First of all, my mom & I are going to 'Antiques in the Park'. It's a small gathering of vendors that sell their vintage & antique items outside & it's always so lovely to go to. I can't wait!!! I always bring my 20 bucks & find something fun. It's a great place to practice my bartering skills. I'm also hoping to attend the "Art in the Park" event down by the river. I do believe there is at least one Etsy gal there that I will try to meet. I've never met another Etsian so this should be fun! "Art in the Park" is something I'd love to give a try--I always say "Maybe next year..." & it never happens. I think it's something that you have to be accepted into. It intimidates me. Maybe meeting up with this Etsy gal will be good--I can probe her for info & such. Anyway, me & my crutch will be hobbling around having a fantastic time!

Also, check out THIS RECIPE at Laura's blog, katydiddys. I must try these "cup" cakes this weekend. Yum!

Have a lovely weekend!!!


  1. omg yogart and granola is my absolute fav! try it with some honey with it too. supper yum!

  2. I love the Pocahontas pic- too funny!

  3. My daughter has that same doll! Actually, she has all the Disney princesses! I love to take pictures of her dollhouse mid-play. So fun!


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