Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tiny Sponge Cake Tutorial

This is about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I learned how to make them from one of my favorite crafty shows, Creative Juice. The girls & I had a lovely time "baking" up some tiny faux treats--perfect for their Barbies!

Here are the supplies you'll need:
2 sponges in different colors: a cake color & a filling color
acrylic paint in "frosting" colors
assorted ribbons, trims, beads, sequins & jewels for decorating

The directions on the website said to use "flat" sponges. Mine were a little thick. So you can see in the picture how I sliced them right down the middle with a sharp serrated knife. (The top two on the stack were sliced.)

Trace a circle onto the sponge you'll use for the "filling". Trace two circles onto the sponge you'll use for the "cake". For the white frosted cake, I traced the bottom of a glue bottle. For the blue frosted cake, I traced the bottom of a small paint bottle.

I had some black marker still left on the sponge, so I cut those extra bits off.

Spread glue in between each layer...

...& softly squeeze them all together. You'll have to wait for the glue to dry--maybe a couple hours-- before you complete the next steps.

Oh Barbie! So impatient. Although, using the hairdryer to speed things up ain't such a bad idea...

...especially when you have these sweet crafty kidlets waiting t00!

When your "sponge" cake is dry, you'll want to cut a small wedge out of it. If you cut out a nice enough slice, you can save it, paint it & decorate it too. My slices of cake didn't come out so pretty, so we tossed them into the crafty scrap pile.

At this point you can take your scissors & fix any edges that are bumpy or uneven.

Now choose your frosting color & paint the sides, top & bottom--but DON'T paint the inside of the wedge! While you're waiting for the paint to dry you can make the wee pies from yesterday's tutorial. (And maybe you can ask Barbie to pull out her hair dryer again.)

Use your ribbons, beads, baubles & doo-dads to decorate your cake! And that's it! I was thinking these would make perfect Christmas stocking stuffers for my girls but I was too eager & had to show them how to make 'em! The sponge cake & bottlecap pies are shown with the teeny tiny cupcakes from WhiMSy love.

Bon appetit!


  1. ok I am not kidding you are too talented, you can make anything from anything, I am loving the cake and the pies, I just want to make some for my imaginary dolls, gorgeous.

  2. My girls aren't yet big into Barbies, but I hope I remember this fabulous idea for when they are! I love it! You are so creative. I bet you'd be a really cool friend in real life. ;)

    I remember once when I was about 8 someone made me a box of Barbie clothes. I was in heaven!

  3. Oh My Gosh-I'm blown away by your blog! I've just started a blog a month ago and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with it. You are so talented. I love the cakes and pies. I use to be a stay at home mom when my boys were small, but after a divorce I had to go back to work. We use to do crafts together-I loved-I forgot I did until I visited you. Your blog just gave me an immediate lift-I was kind'a feeling low, but the whimsi-ness and music gave me an instant high. Thanks!

  4. Those are too cute and so are your girls as always!

  5. Check out my blog and you will find something there for YOU!

  6. Can we say AWESOME??!!! I love them tons and am so going to make some with Rye this weekend. ;O)

  7. I love this and the pie idea! How clever & cute. You know how much I love to make dollhouse stuff for my daughter. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. SO CUTE!! and perfect for Blythe dolls too! Cant wait to try!

  9. Dude, you got so copied on another blog, and now they're taking the credit on One Pretty Thing! And not just your cakes, but your mini pies, too! Uncool!!! I'm irritated for you!

  10. Hi Anonymous!
    No, actually, I made sure to give credit to Creative Juice for these crafty ideas. The ideas were theirs, I just did my own tutorial on them with my own pictures. I made sure to leave a link in the wee pie & sponge cake tutorials so no one would think I was stealing THEIR idea.
    It's all good!

  11. Wow is that cool!! I don't know how I can make it, with two dogs!!
    ur really talented!
    Anonymous Harrison

  12. Hi! Thanks for giving me credit. I just got hit and run by "anonymous" over at my blog accusing me of stealing from you.

    Sad day - I just wish people would read instead of accusing people.

    Craft on with your bad-self!!!

    Love your blog and your tutorial!!!

    Crafty Hugs and Kisses~
    Cathie Filian
    Creative Juice


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