Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day, Cont.

So, yesterday I had a pretty relaxing Valentines. I had all these plans to prepare a cute little breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes, but while contemplating the fact that I had no clue how to make pancakes into ANY shape other than a circle, the morning got later & I got lazy. So, hubby got us all breakfast at McDonald's. And I used scissors to cut the pancakes.

Look what I found at my door!! A package from my owlie swap partner! Wheeee! The sweet owl sticker on the outside was a great clue to all the cuteness inside. And holy owlie, Jessica did not disappoint!!! My 6 year old helped me open up everything, which was wrapped in adorable heart cellophane baggies & tied with pink tulle ribbon.
She altered a 3-drawer wooden box, decorated a journal, made a coin wrapper tag book with my name on it, stamped a dozen tags with cute owlies, & stitched a sweet little owl plushie! There were also some chocolates & candies but, um...yeah. I also got some stickers, some rubber stamps & a clear stamp block, some lace & buttons, some vintage flash cards & game cards, an owlie pendant & my new favorite mug! I think this is the cutest mug ever made. EVERS.

(I forgot to take pics of the stuff I sent. Oopsie. So hopefully Jessica can get some snapshots & I'll put them on the blog for you to see.)
UPDATE: Click HERE for a link to Jessica's blog about the owl swap goodies she got from me!

For dinner I made a nice spaghetti meal & ate it alone with my 4 year old. Mr. WhiMSy love took the 6 year old to the hospital because she broke out in a really bad rash & her slightly sore throat became quite severe. Yep: Strep. She got a couple shots in the hiney & came home to slurp down the noodles mommy made & even drink some apple grape punch from a fancy glass by candlelight.


  1. I hope you little one gets better soon. Poor thing. But on the upside you got a lovely haul from your friend. I do hope she puts up pictures of what you sent, I'd love to see your crafty creation for her. Love that coffee cup. I must agree with you, best cup ever.

  2. What a great idea cutting the pancackes.

  3. Did the rash make it Scarlett fever? Two of mine came down with that during our vaca to Florida last May . Hope she is feeling better- your owlie stuff is Adorable!!

  4. Cool gifts! And what a great idea to use scissors to cut out pancakes into shapes :)

  5. Wow! What an owlie haul! I also called my owlie mug "the cutest mug ever". I decided I HAD to treat myself when I saw it ~ if anyone is interested, and deserves a treat, I got it at Target.:) Cute pancakes! You could also use cookie cutters? They'd be small, but the fun shapes you could have. Hope your little girlie is starting to feel better. Happy Valentines Day, late!

  6. What cute stuff! I bought that owlie mug for myself last week. Isn't it just the cutest thing ever???

  7. Love the pancakes! Great idea.

    Love the package of Owl stuff you received! Great surprise!

  8. That breakfast looks scrumptious. *Nibble* I'm glad you liked your owl stuff Nikki. I had a blast putting it together for you!
    I received my owlie package from you. THANK YOU! I LOVE IT! I put a bunch of pictures and links and nonsense on my blog if you want to take a peek! :D HUGS!


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