Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Newspaper Hats

More newspaper headgear today!

I have always wanted to learn how to make these newspaper soldier hats. Yesterday I finally made one. And I'm so shocked at how easy it was!

Simply take a full sheet of newspaper & lay it in front of you, just like in this picture:

Now take the two sides & fold them until they meet the middle & form a point:

Fold one of the long rectangle flaps up & crease:

Flip the hat over & fold up the remaining flap. That's it!

Although, when I originally folded mine, the hat seemed HUGE & looked funny to me! (See photo below.)
So, I folded the brim up one more time. Perfect fit!

After learning this basic hat fold, I also learned how to make several other hats from the book "50 Ways To Have Fun With Old Newspapers" by Bill Severn, 1978.

Academic Mortar Board, Bishop's Miter/Royal Crown, Bullfighter's Hat, Jester's Cap, Printer's Hat, Military Cap.
Fireman/Fisherman's Hat, Pirate/Admiral/Napoleon Hat, Mexican Sombrero, Sunshade Hat

Fold on crafters!


  1. Have you ever made a newspaper bowler hat? It's really cool!

  2. These photos are so awesome. Not to mention the hats. ^_^

  3. Finally tried this and you WILL NOT believe it when I tell you I had to cut my paper because the long flaps were the same size as the short flaps after the first fold! Did I do something wrong or is my newspaper a different size?!


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