Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crafty Night: September

 This month for Crafty Night we concocted a fine fall weather potion. Fireside mocha! I've shown it on my blog before, HERE.
It was the first month back at our original location. And I think it might have been my most favorite set up. The room is semi-large & I hung felt leaf garlands from the ceiling, just around the perimeter of the crafty table. It made things feel more intimate & closed in as we all sat at the table eating, crafting & playing games. I was amazed that tiny little strands could do that. I might have to do something like this every month.

For supper, I served corn chowder. I have never ever made chowder in my life. I got the recipe via pinterest, HERE. The recipe turned out great. I think it would have been even better if it had more time to sit out & get all thick & tasty. But it was delicious nonetheless. I'm excited to experiment with more soups & chowders this fall!
 I've decided this would be the last month we have dinner together before Crafty Night. My friend in charge of the meals for Crafty Night recently moved away & it's a big job doing both the craft AND dinner. So, it'll be a "bring your own snack to share" scenario from here on. If we have a potluck-style dinner before Crafty Night, or if plans change, I'll keep all my Crafty Night peeps posted.
A small table was set up with some craft necessities. I stitched bags from felt for everyone to put their ziplocked bag of mocha mix inside. I simply sewed on three sides, right on the outside of the bag. I got some really fabulous fall/harvest die cuts from Joanne's, too. Other available crafty supplies were: buttons (in browns & oranges), twine, ribbons, a hole punch, glue guns, glue sticks & regular ole Elmer's. I purchased manilla colored tags from an office store for attaching the directions & ingredients.
 Another table was set up with all the ingredients for the mocha mix.
The craft was SOOOO quick. I couldn't believe it!! So, we filled time by playing the game Outburst. (My team won. Woot! Woot!)

Everyone took home a leaf garland for a favor.
It was a nice relaxing night with lots of new people!

Next Crafty Night:
October 11, 2011
6-8 p.m.
New Life activity room
$5 per person

(Bring a snack to share if you'd like!)

Visit the Crafty Night webpage for updated info!
To view all the pictures from Crafty Night: September, click HERE.

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