Friday, September 23, 2011

Pumpkin Bread 2011

Though the weather isn't so fall-ish this week, I'm STILL SOOOO excited that fall is finally here! Yesterday I baked the traditional "first-day-of-fall" pumpkin bread. The family consumed one mini loaf immediately after I took it out of the oven. Oh, it was delicous. And then we had some with our breakfast this morning.

The girls are always so giddy to give their teacher's the pumpkin bread every year.
And I'm always giddy packaging it up. Besides eating the stuff, embellishing it is my second favorite thing to do with it. This year's pumpkin bread decor included a wide strip of vintage plaid fabric tied in a simple knot. I think they kinda look like grandpa's old bow ties. I slipped a tag underneath the bow that reads "Happy first day of fall!" I glued a strip of brown paper along the bottom & then punched out a 1" circle from an old book & drew a heart right in the middle of the circle. I would have rather used the printer to make these, but my printer is out of service at the moment. I know the handwriting makes it look all handmade-y & personal, but sometimes I just can't stand my own handwriting.

Here's a peek at my pumpkin bread in the past. (Not sure what happened in 2008. Looks like I opted for some pumpkin cream cheese muffins instead.)

And, as always, I will share the recipe. Click HERE to find my fellow fall-loving, pumpkin-bread-baking friend, Lisa, over at Polka Dot Cottage. She's got the recipe!

Though I'd rather be cozy in a blanket right now, with the laptop, burning a warm mulled cider candle & listening to the likes of Billie Holiday, I have to work this morning & afternoon. Pooey. But, after I pick the girls up from school & we make our usual Friday library stop, it's home for dinner, & then the high school homecoming football game & s'mores in the fire pit afterwards!!! That sounds more like it!!

Happy First Day of Fall!!!!


  1. We are doing s'mores in the firepit, too this evening! Happy first of Fall to you- love the pumpkin bread/dressing. Great ribbon. Even better is your heart that cares for others! :)

  2. I absolutely love your ideas! The tag on the pumpkin breads is SO stinkin' cute! I don't know how I found your blog, but I sure love it! Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  3. Love this! What a great idea to give the teachers a little treat. Thanks!

  4. Yes, it IS finally time for pumpkin bread, isn't it? Your packaging is extra cute--like they say....we feast with our eyes first. =)

  5. Nikki,
    I love your annual pumpkin bread posts. :) I love how you package them! Last year was the first year I sent some along with my girls for their teachers. I will definitely be doing it again sometime this season. :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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