Thursday, November 17, 2011

New in November: Cabbage Burgers

I had my first cabbage burger last year. I had no idea what a cabbage burger was. It sounded nasty. But, they were actually delicious! They were homemade & scrumptious. The 2nd time I ate cabbage burgers was only a couple months ago, when the Mr. & I were out running errands & noticed a bakery serving them for lunch.
I found out that cabbage burgers are popular in the Nebraska & South Dakota area.
I found a recipe HERE.

I'm not going to say they were simple to make. I had to recruit the Mr.'s help because supper guests were arriving soon. The rolling out of the dough took longer than I expected, & the stuffing of the dough was way more frustrating than I anticipated. It was rather messy too. The recipe called for a 3/4 cup of burger/cabbage mixture to be added to a flat 5" square of rolled out dough. And then you're supposed to bring up the edges, pinch them all together, & flip the whole mound (pinched side down) onto a baking sheet. Well, 3/4 cup was way too much. Maybe it's because I'm not skilled in the way of the bread dough.

Here's almost a dozen of the 18 burgers waiting to be cooked in the oven. I would have changed only one thing: I would've added more pepper to the burger/cabbage mix. (The ones at the bakery were on the peppery side & so yummy!) I thought mine were a wee bit bland, although my supper guests were happily munching away on their burgers & didn't compain one bit.

Once baked, Zoey helped brush melted butter over the tops.

We froze the leftovers, thinking we'd eat them for a meal next week, but we ended up eating them for lunch the next day. The Mr. LOVED them!
I'm so happy to have learned a new recipe, & a unique one at that!

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  1. oh yes, that is a Runza, have you ate at a Runza yet? They are mostly in NE, the restaurant that is! Only 1 in SD that I know of and it is no where close to where I live. You gotta put Runza on your NE to do list. Your homemade ones look fabulous. I make them with crescent rolls and it is not that great. I bet the bread dough is way better!

  2. Oh, yes! I forgot to mention about Runza. I ate there once when we first moved here a couple years ago. I had a chicken sandwich. Wasn't impressed. I need to try one of their "Runza's" though!

  3. I love these! I attended boarding school for 3 years and one of my dorm mothers made these for us on a fairly regular basis. She called them Cabbage Rolls, and I've been wishing for a recipe for them for years. Thanks!

  4. A friend of mine from Wyoming -- when we went out to her house for spring break one year -- her mother had Kraut Burgers waiting for us. Same thing just a different name. They were marvelous. That was 30'ish years ago and I still remember them. Have never attempted making them. Somebody suggestged once that instead of making the dough to use the frozen "roll" dough. Might save some time. No Runza in Illinois..


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