Thursday, November 17, 2011

New in November: Pumpkin Butter

I've never made "butter" of any kind. But I've always wanted to try apple butter. THEN, I saw this easy recipe on Pinterest for pumpkin butter & had to attempt it. (I swoon for anything pumpkin!)
It's made in a crockpot. You literally dump everything in & let it sit, cooking, for a while.
It was made with canned pumpkin. And it was delicious.
I do want to try it with real pumpkin. I've never cut up a pumpkin before, so I'm a little intimidated.
My mom made some with real pumpkin the same time I made mine with canned pumpkin & she said it was very tasty. She cut up the pumpkin & roasted it in the oven. The skin came off easily. Then she used her blender to mash it all up.
I bought jars &, after returning my GIANT canner, finally got THIS canning set. I am hoping to make a butter of some kind (with real fruit), try my canning set out for the first time, & give cute little jars of butters as Thanksgiving gifts to the girls' teachers before the fast-approaching holiday break begins.

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  1. This is the "recipe" I use to make pumpkin puree. It is the easiest thing EVER and Soooooo pretty. I can usually get 3-4 cups of puree out of a 7-8" pumpkin. I put 1 cup of puree into a sandwich bag and freeze them flat so I can stack them up or in the door of the freezer. Then just thaw (it takes about an hour), cut off the tip of the bag, and you have premeasured pumpkin for recipes. Yum.


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