Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Bazaar Prep!

I thought it'd be fun to give you a sneak peek of my work-in-progress holiday bazaar prep! I have MOST of my merch set on this 4 foot table at home to get an idea of what I have. I'll actually have a 6ft table at the site. There are still several handmade items I have to figure out displays for. Here's some more detail....

My biz cards will be displayed in this thing-a-ma-jiggy I made. A candlestick & vintage bowl adhered with E6000. I have made a couple different styles of these to hold my stuff...such as this next mini-stand which is made from a vintage saucer & candlestick. Don't my new recipe cards look oh-so-adorable up top there?
This larger cake stand, made from a plate & some sort of vase/compote, shows off fork easels. You've seen this one before: A drawer from a vintage butler cart holds the paint swatch notebooks which will be 'Free Gift With Purchase'--or $1.

These tags were a last minute item I wanted to add. Made from office tags, circles of red/white/cream/green papers & vintage cream/white buttons, they've been stitched on the machine! Can you tell what they're displayed on?
It's a VERY old ruler....

...just folded up with the tags tucked into it!

And I can't remember who it is that gave me this awesome idea, but I've hung the owlies from branches. I still need to fill that metal bucket with rocks so I don't have an owlie avalanche.
And here's another pic of my vintage button ring display. I've added a tier since you last saw them.

Shutters are used to display both my hoop decor & Writing on the Wall book art. Those super tall shutters in the background will be leaning on the wall behind my display. I'm imagining it covered with several pieces of book art. We'll see if I can crank out more art.

I've had this metal dish for a while. I think it has something to do with bread? It's perfect for holding my 1" buttons!
I also just realized this will be my first public appearance selling my cupcake artwork. I'm only bringing a few prints & a few sets of cupcake postcards.
I'm very excited with how everything is coming along. There's just a handful of stuff to still make & then all that un-fun stuff of pricing & packing it all away. My little crafty heart beats faster & faster as the big day approaches! My partner in crafty crime on the last day of the two-day bazaar will be my bestest pally wally Tia! I'm so excited!
And of course I'll take LOADS of pics for you to see while I'm there!

I just received a link about a really cool Christmas card idea: When you're writing out your Christmas cards this year, make out an extra one & mail it here:
****UPDATE: I was just told that the address I gave is NOT correct!! The correct address follows:
"Holiday Mail for Heroes" campaign operated by the American Red Cross.
Holiday Mail for Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD. 20791-5456
**ALL mail must be postmarked no later than Dec 10.
And lastly, I've been enjoying holiday tunes every day since Thanksgiving. I LOVE 'em! And I thought I'd share my newest favorite holiday song. Click HERE to listen! (Listen to it all the way through. It's so good. It's the kind of song that makes ya feel good & give you goose pimples.)


  1. Nikki,

    Your stuff looks so good! Best of luck!

  2. Your display is so whimsical and perfect! I especially love the tags tucked into the old ruler. That was such an awesome idea! I am hoping you do very well at the bazaar!

  3. Good God! HOw do you have time for all this cute stuff, and manage to stay organized?!?! I wish I were so focused. Great work! I love your blog and pics :)

  4. awesome stuff!! best of luck!

  5. Love the set up!
    Your display will radiate the whole room!
    I am excited for you, and excited to hear 'bout it!


    Sylvia C.

  6. Your display is AWESOME!! Love the owlies in the branches...and I just saw your advent calendar over at One Pretty Thing. You're one famous girlie!

  7. LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!! (Said in the Dragon Tales Voice). So cool Nik, you're going to rock it!

  8. Gorgeous display - it's so hard thinking of pretty ways to show off stuff. I'm doing a big 2-day fair this weekend and have all day Friday to set-up so I can really play.
    I have bag-charms clipped on to the edge of a vase with pebbles in(like you're thinking for your owlies) and the only thing I would say, is make sure it never gets knocked over because the noise pebbles / rocks make when they come out is loud enough to stop an entire crowd of people talking and look right at you!

  9. Wow!! I love your creativity for displaying your art. Good luck at the sale. Just found your blog and I am really enjoying it.

  10. Your display looks great. You are totally going to rock at the craft fair. Have fun!

  11. all the best for your bizzre - everything looks amazing!!!

  12. did my comment take? i'm not sure! anyway - all the best for your bizzaar - it all looks amazing!

  13. You go girl! So crafty! LOVE IT! Wish I could come and visit you at your show...a little far though;o(

    Oh and BTW you have been mem'ed...check out my blog for letter is C.

    I also find it pretty funny that my word verification is dorsess...kinda sounds like something my grandma would have in her house.


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